The Colour Of My Love [1993/CD]

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The Colour Of My Love is Céline Dion's third English language record. Céline reinforced her reputation with the groundbreaking song, "The Power Of Love". In the UK the album and the single "Think Twice" stood on top of the British charts for five consecutive weeks, an achievement not replicated since 1965 and the heyday of The Beatles!

Track Listing:

  1. The Power Of Love
  2. Misled
  3. Think Twice
  4. Only One Road
  5. Everybody's Talkin' My Baby Down
  6. Next Plane Out
  7. Real Emotion
  8. When I Fall In Love (Duet with Clive Griffin)
  9. Love Doesn't Ask Why
  10. Refuse To Dance
  11. I Remember L.A.
  12. No Living Without Loving You
  13. Lovin' Proof
  14. Just Walk Away
  15. The Colour Of My Love