D'eux [1995/CD]

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D'eux (released under the title The French Album in the US) features 12 songs written and produced by Jean-Jacques Goldman. The tracks from this French-language collection by Céline incorporate influences ranging from continental pop and folk music to cool jazz and '70s soul. With this album, Céline achieved what everyone thought was impossible – introduced French-language music to the upper reaches of the British charts!

Track Listing:

  1. Pour que tu m'aimes encore
  2. Le ballet
  3. Regarde-Moi
  4. Je sais pas
  5. La mémoire d'Abraham
  6. Cherche encore
  7. Destin
  8. Les derniers seront les premiers
  9. J'irai où tu iras
  10. J'attendais
  11. Prière païenne
  12. Vole